Fri 29 Apr 2016


Our engineers from all offices participated in the latest hackathon, cleverly titled “Straight Outta Mag-a-Thon”.

MAG-A-THON Trailer Image


In this installment, the rules remained the same; engineers in teams of two or more working on self-defined projects for 48 hours. However, this time the hackathon was decided by popular vote instead of executive panel!

Weather Data

The Weather Data team correlated a variety of weather metrics with click-through rates and conversion rates to show interesting visuals.

Jarvis, The Vegan Lion

Jarvis, The Vegan Lion is a voice activated office helper that informs the UK team of project build statuses.


The team 4+4 created a multiplayer game to substitute as a 404 error page.

Pirate Radio

Pirate Radio is a streaming music player that lets users submit and vote on music tracks over slack, creating a crowd-sourced office playlist.

Tags: hackathon, data science, weather data, multi-player

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