Articles by Brian Femiano

Brian joined Magnetic in Feb 2014 and brings 4 years of scalable data processing experience. Since joining he has contributed on various teams, the most current of which being the Performance team.

Brian can be found on the web at:

  1. Bloom Filter-Assisted Joins with PySpark

    One of the most attractive features of Spark is the fine grained control of what you can broadcast to every executor with very simple code. When I first studied broadcast variables my thought process centered around map-side joins and other obvious candidates. I’ve since expanded my understanding of just how much flexibility broadcast variables can offer.

  2. Measuring Statistical Lift on Search Categories

    One of the most popular features of the Magnetic Insight platform is our category rankings for an advertiser’s audience of page visitors. The rankings give a completely unbiased look into which search categories are the most popular amongst the users that visit a customer’s different web pages.

    A category lift report from Magnetic Insight