Articles by Stephen Henderson

Stephen is Engineering Manager for Magnetic’s London development team. He joined Magnetic in May 2014 following its acquisition of Cognitive Match where he had been working since 2009, first as a Senior Developer and later as Engineering Manager. While at Cognitive Match Stephen worked on its core recommendation platform as it grew from its single server origins supporting 1000s of requests per day to a globally distributed dynamic ads platform serving 1000s of requests per second. His technical background is in scalable JVM web services and he was recently invited to become an associate of the London Java Community.

He can be found on the web at:

  1. Segment Size Forecasting with “Will it Work?”

    The idea for the Hackathon was simple. We all got together on a Wednesday morning and the bravest among us pitched their ideas for great new products. The rest of us jumped on board with those projects that seemed most worthy or fun and we were off.

    For our project, we decided to predict the future, or more specifically, a specific aspect of the future — the expected number of users an advertising campaign will target.