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  1. Mag-a-thon

    Our engineers from all offices participated in the latest hackathon, cleverly titled “Straight Outta Mag-a-Thon”.

  2. Real Time Facial Recognition in Python

    Last month we had another instance of our quarterly hackathon. I had an urge to experiment a bit with computer vision, despite not having done anything related before.

    Our hackathons are around 48 hours long, which I hoped would be long enough to do some simple facial recognition. My goal ...

  3. SKIP, The Search Keyword Intent Predictor

    Magnetic specializes in search retargeting, thus we really need to understand our users’ searches — it is our bread and butter. We need to recognize what a user’s search means in an understandable way for both humans and computers. This is why we map each search to a category (e.g. “Automotive”), brand (e.g. “BMW”), or other intent data. Our keyword categorization service and Search Keyword Intent Predictor (SKIP) is our core technology which addresses this need.

  4. Segment Size Forecasting with “Will it Work?”

    The idea for the Hackathon was simple. We all got together on a Wednesday morning and the bravest among us pitched their ideas for great new products. The rest of us jumped on board with those projects that seemed most worthy or fun and we were off.

    For our project, we decided to predict the future, or more specifically, a specific aspect of the future — the expected number of users an advertising campaign will target.

  5. Magnetic’s Inaugural Hackathon

    On Wednesday and Thursday, Magnetic hosted our first quarterly internal hackathon. We were lucky enough to be able to bring the whole team into the New York office, from London, Russia, and Slovakia.

    Engineers gather to kick off the hackathon in Magnetic's
kitchen Engineers gather to kick off the hackathon in Magnetic’s kitchen