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  1. Detecting Brands in User Search Queries

    Capturing user intent with brands can be valuable, especially in online advertising. In the online advertising domain, brand detection can help capture user interests and improve user modeling, which, in turn, can lead to an increase in precision of user targeting with ads relevant to their interests and needs.

  2. Measuring Statistical Lift on Search Categories

    One of the most popular features of the Magnetic Insight platform is our category rankings for an advertiser’s audience of page visitors. The rankings give a completely unbiased look into which search categories are the most popular amongst the users that visit a customer’s different web pages.

    A category lift report from Magnetic Insight

  3. SKIP, The Search Keyword Intent Predictor

    Magnetic specializes in search retargeting, thus we really need to understand our users’ searches — it is our bread and butter. We need to recognize what a user’s search means in an understandable way for both humans and computers. This is why we map each search to a category (e.g. “Automotive”), brand (e.g. “BMW”), or other intent data. Our keyword categorization service and Search Keyword Intent Predictor (SKIP) is our core technology which addresses this need.

  4. Search Query Categorization at Scale

    Classification of short text into a predefined hierarchy of categories is a challenge. The need to categorize short texts arises in multiple domains: page keywords and search queries in online advertising, improvement of search engine results, analysis of tweets or messages in social networks, etc.

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audienceThe meetup garnered a large audience.