Articles tagged performance

  1. Embarrassingly Serial

    The past decade has seen a surge in technologies around “big data,” claiming to make it easy to process large data sets quickly, or at least scalably, by distributing work across a cluster of machines. This is not a story of success with a big data framework. This is a story of a small data set suffering at the hands of big data assumptions, and a warning to developers to check what your big data tools are doing for you.

  2. Optimize Python with Closures

    Magnetic’s real-time bidding system, written in pure Python, needs to keep up with a tremendous volume of incoming requests. On an ordinary weekday, our application handles about 300,000 requests per second at peak volumes, and responds in under 10 milliseconds. It should be obvious that at this scale optimizing the performance of the hottest sections of our code is of utmost importance. This is the story of the evolution of one such hot section over several performance-improving revisions.